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GET LOST – Life is Beautiful Qualifying Times

So, you want to win a trip to Life Is Beautiful in Las Vegas? Here’s what you gotta do. Listen to Indie88 during these hours and when you hear the cue, call 416-588-0881 to qualify.

We’re taking a qualifier on-air during the following hours.

Monday, March 21 – 9-10AM; 1-2PM; 5-6PM & 8-9PM

Tuesday, March 22 – 7-8AM; 10-11AM; 3-4PM & 7-8PM

Wednesday, March 23 – 8-9AM; 12-1PM; 4-5PM & 9-10PM

Thursday, March 24 – 9-10AM; 1-2PM; 6-7PM; & 10-11PM

Friday, March 25 (GOOD FRIDAY) – 1-2PM & 5-6PM

When you hear us play the cue to call during the times listed above, call 416 588 0881.  You can only qualify ONCE during the contesting period.

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