Get ready for The Killers’ newest Christmas single, “Dirt Sledding”

A deranged Santa tries to kill Brandon Flowers in part three of video trilogy

It’s almost time for The Killers to release their annual Christmas song. Since 2006, the band has put a festive twist on the holiday season, with a new Santa-related video. Their previous singles “Don’t Shoot Me Santa” (2007) and “I Can Feel It In My Bones” (2012) were the first two parts of the trilogy that ends with their 2015 release, “Dirt Sledding”. In each of these videos, the band’s tour manager Ryan Pardey dresses up as an insane Santa and tries to kill frontman Brandon Flowers.

Pardey describes the new video perfectly: “A deranged Santa walks up to the camera in the middle of the desert, pulls a tomahawk out of his bag and lights it on fire. The crazed man in red throws the ax at his target, a stuffed teddy bear with a picture of Killers frontman Brandon Flowers taped to its head. It’s a bull’s-eye.”

This is the ninth year that the band has created a Christmas song, and each year they donate all proceeds to the (RED) Campaign. This year’s video is being directed by Matthew Gray Gubler.We’ve seen some exciting teasers on Twitter:

There has also been a hint at a cameo from Richard Dryfuss, according to The Killer’s twitter page, which reads” “I had this crazy dream that involved candy canes and Richard Dreyfuss. Is that weird?” #premonitiontuesday”. The video is rumored to be premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday December 1st, so check back then!