Get To Know Benjamin Booker

Get to know this artist on the rise before he's all your friends are talking about

When you get an opening slot for someone like Jack White, it’s safe to say there’s a good reason for it. Benjamin Booker has yet to release his debut record and already he’s playing stadiums all over the world as the support for Jack White. Since announced, the buzz around Booker has been pretty heavy, and for good reason. Benjamin Booker took NXNE crowds by storm with his brand of raw, bluesy and soulful music. Now just days away from his return to the big smoke, it’s time to learn a little more about a great up and coming artist.

Born in Tampa Bay, Florida, Benjamin Booker is now based in New Orleans and cites his biggest musical influences as The Gun Club, Blind Willie Johnson, and T. Rex. At just 22 years old, he’s already impressing concert goers with the energy and intensity of his live show. This is a break out year for the young man. His debut record Violent Shiver will be out on August 19th, he’s already performed on Letterman, has numerous festivals slots this summer, and of course he’ll be opening for Jack White.

Booker’s been named one of Rolling Stone’s “10 Artists You Need to Know” and The Globe and Mail included him on their “5 Bands That Flew Under The Radar at NXNE” list. Take a listen to pair of songs from the upcoming LP Violent Shiver below: