Getting Back to Nature / How Not to Be an Idiot

Reminder: if you're going to do something stupid, do not post a video of it on YouTube

BrianBlogBrian Bailey was recently named “On-Air Talent of the Year” at the 2013 Canadian Broadcast industry awards. Brian is now a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice.”

Consider this an Indie Mornings reminder that if you’re going to do something stupid don’t post a video of it on YouTube. These boy scout leaders knocked down a boulder in Goblin Valley State Park in Utah and thought it would be fun to brag about it online – turns out these hoodoo rock formations are 170 million years old and there could be criminal charges for destroying them. They’ve also been kicked out of the Boy Scouts of America for not adhering to their “leave no trace” ideal.

The guys claim they were protecting the kids but there hasn’t been a documented incident of someone being hit by a rock since the park opened in 1974. Watch the video below: