Getting Ticketed on a Bicycle Could Lead to Demerit Points

Getting a ticket on a bicycle could affect your driving record too

Apparently it is possible receive demerit points after being ticketed on a bicycle, according to the Highway Traffic Act. However, not many cyclists are aware of this legislation.

According to a story published by Global News, a cyclist named Isaac Tsorlinis was unaware of this law and, after receiving a ticket from a police officer while riding his bike, later received a notice in the mail of the loss of three demerit points.

Tsorlinis claims that after pleading guilty to the ticket and paying the fine, he was told by the official at court that there would not be any demerit points involved.

Not only that, but it is possible for a ticket to appear on your driving record even if you don’t have a driver’s license. When an individual on a bike is ticketed by police and doesn’t own a license, the Ministry of Transportation holds this information by generating a driver’s license number for the individual. This number is used to track the individual’s infractions.