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Ghostkeeper share picturesque black-and-white video for gritty new single ‘Grassy Plains’

Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle have shared a video for their new single as Ghostkeeper, “Grassy Plains.”

The band “pay witness to the Indigenous experience by channeling it through psychedelic rock,” a press release explains. This spellbinding new tune is captivating and gritty. With layered guitar riffs and driven percussion, this track is sure to stick with you. On “Grassy Plains,” Houle sings of the ancient practices of gathering herbs and lighting sage. Ultimately, the track is about longing for a loved one to return home.

“Our protagonist – courageous, wise and savvy with the mystical passages of realms – returns to us with gifts of strong medicine, love, romance and rock n roll,” Ghostkeeper explain.

Watch the video for “Grassy Plains” below.

The accompanying black-and-white video comes packed with picturesque shots of the band performing along to the tune. Much like the track, the shots are layered over top of each other for an experimental, captivating performance. The clip opens with a horse making its way through a field before bursting into performance shots.

Shane Ghostkeeper and Sarah Houle are a couple from the Metis settlement of Paddle Prairie, Alberta. Multi-instrumentalist Ryan Bourne and drummer Eric Hammelin now accompany the band.

They recently signed to Victory Pool, where they’ll continue to explore their evocative lyricism and soaring vocals.

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