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Girl Grunge Revival

What comes around goes around. Nearly 25 years since Nirvana turned the industry on its head with Nevermind, grunge has once again returned to the musical forefront—and this time, it’s the ladies leading the way! So dust off your flannels, tear up some denim, and start working on your best, disaffected scowl—today we’re looking at five female flag bearers that are bringing back grunge.

Courtney Barnett

This self-described “slacker rock” songstress may take her inspiration in equal parts from Sheryl Crow and Stephen Malkmus, but her ethos is all grunge. With her disdain for traditional ideals of (economic) success and anti-fashion cool, the Milk! Records label boss represents all the good things about grunge, with none of the apathy.


Dilly Dally

These Toronto grunge-popsters have slowly but surely established themselves as one of the most exciting acts in the city. With their mix of sludge, grunge, and ‘90s inflected alt rock—think The Pixies on Xanax—the quartet is destined for bigger things, and fast. Check them out at a moderately sized venue while you can…


Skating Polly

This stepsister duo was just 14 and 9 when they formed in 2009. Today, the teens are more or less grizzled veterans, with three albums to their name and another on its way later this year. If you’re a fan of Hole, Jeff Magnum, Syd Barrett or just badass music in general, then the “ugly pop” pioneers of Skating Polly are definitely worth a listen. Chances are they’ll be around for a while.


The Pack A.D.

Part grunge part garage rock, this Vancouver duo has been doing its thing for nearly a decade. While genre-sticklers may doubt their place on the list, there’s no questioning the consistency and intensity with which they have been outputting music since their formation.


Best Coast

Best Coast are far from up and comers – the band has been an indie rock favourite since their sunshiny full length debut Crazy for You in 2010. With their new record California Nights however, they’ve ditched the ’60s pop sound for a stronger grunge influence. Muscular and direct, like the best of ‘90s alt rock, you may want to rethink any ideas you have about this L.A.-based two-piece.




Okay, Darlia are all dudes, but if massive grunge choruses and dreamy, “Cobainesque” front men are your thing (and I’m guessing they are if you’re still reading this), then you deserve to know about Darlia. Check out the band heralded as “The most exciting new guitar band in the UK” by BBC Radio 1.


So tell us what you think Indie88ers. What grunge revivalists get your gears going?

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