Girl In Red releases new Pride guitar in support of LGBTQ+ charity Kaleidoscope Trust

You can enter the raffle until midnight on August 2

Girl In Red has created a new custom one-of-a-kind Pride guitar in association with Fender.

The guitar is set to be auctioned off in a raffle in order to raise money for the Kalaeidoscope Trust, which aims to protect the human rights of LGBTQ+ folx living in countries that have strict laws about sexuality. The electric Fender Player Series guitar has the rainbow Pride flag.

“As a privileged queer person, I feel it is important that I am as loud as possible. Music can create an incredible and safe space for those who need it the most and this feels like an authentic way I can help others in the community,” Girl In Red explains. “My first electric guitar was a Fender and the rainbow flag is such an iconic and positive design that I hope everybody loves this guitar as much as I do.”

Entries for the raffle start at £5 and it finishes at midnight on August 2nd.