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girlhouse faces ‘the ultimate dilemma’ on visceral new single ‘paul blart mall cop’

Lauren Luiz is back with her new single as girlhouse, “paul blart mall cop.”

Fresh off the release of two new collections, the girlhouse ep and the second ep, the bedroom-pop artist is back with a new single. The soaring track sees Luiz at her most vulnerable. The song boasts brooding guitar lines and catchy vocals. Throughout the intimate, visceral track, Luiz sings about her personal struggles with depression.

“The story is of me facing the ultimate dilemma as a person that has dealt with depression for a majority of their life, not wanting to live but not wanting to die,” girlhouse says.

Listen to “paul blart mall cop” below.

Throughout the track, girlhouse delivers lines like, “Moved across the country and became another person I fucking hate” and “I’m in my head again, get me out.”

Between her first two EPs, girlhouse began moving from the breezy dream-pop of her early days toward a more euphoric sound. “paul blart mall cop” really puts that new sonic territory on display.

Luiz is inspired heavily by beloved female singer-songwriters like Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Lucy Dacus. Her solo project, girlhouse, has Luiz at her most confident to date.

It’s “the most confident and fulfilling direction she has taken so far,” a press release explains. “Now living in Nashville, her personal life still continues to inspire and influence her music, offering us all a window into her soul and creating a bright and sweeping world for all of us to enjoy.”

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