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girlhouse shares gritty new indie track ‘cool guy’

Bedroom-pop artist girlhouse is back with a new single, “cool guy.”

Today’s release boasts gritty, quintessential indie rock guitars that are sure to teleport you back in time. Girlhouse offers up a modern twist to bedroom indie classics, with dreamy, easy flowing vocal lines and a super catchy hook. Lyrically, girlhouse delivers lines like, “You’re such a cool guy/ Maybe on the outside/ Raise a glass for the nights that won’t last.”

“cool guy” comes from her forthcoming EP, the third ep, out May 6th. The forthcoming collection follows the girlhouse ep and the second ep, both of which were released over the last eighteen months.

Listen to “cool guy” below.

“I split this ep in two acts,” girlhouse explains. “The first act follows the euphoria of avoidance, doing everything to detach from all feeling while playing house. The back half is meant to snap you into reality with darker sounds and themes, I talk about losing friendships not only to death but also to the flow of life, and I try to be more vulnerable with the person I love and ask them straight up, ‘please don’t stop loving me.'”

In addition to “cool guy,” the third ep features the previously released “paul blart mall cop.”

“The theme of this ep is really about coming to grips with reality and the growing pain that comes with it,” girlhouse continues. “I hope you like listening to this train wreck as much as I liked writing it.”

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