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Gladstone Hotel Recreating Ferris Bueller’s Room

Ever wanted to live a day in the shoes of Ferris Bueller? That’s up to you whether you want to skip school / work and steal your best friend’s dad’s Ferrari. BUT, what you can do is experience Bueller’s iconic bedroom. Close enough right?

As part of the 13th annual Come Up To My Room series at the Gladstone Hotel, you’ll be able to do just that. Designer Sarah Keenlyside will be decorating a number of the hotel’s 120 year old suites into a John Hughes, 80s-inspired living space in what she calls “an exercise of extreme nostalgia.”

Keenlyside and her collaborator Joseph Clement have been on the hunt scavenging for 80s-era items to make the rooms feel more authentic. According to their website, they are trying to locate a number of iconic items from Bueller’s room, including Cabaret Voltaire and Simple Minds posters, an E-MU II Emulator keyboard, an IBM PC XT, Carver audio stack and of course a the bed mannequin.

Check out this promotional video posted to the hotel’s Instagram:

Interested in going? The event takes place from January 21st to 24th; tickets are available via Eventbrite.

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