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Glamping California: Luxury Camping In Big Sur

Glamping itself is something I’ve never done. However, after researching it for this article, I can say that glamping in California Big Sur is officially added to my bucket list.

What Is Glamping?

Glamping is a portmanteau, darling. It’s part “glam” or “glamorous” and part “camping”. And it dates back further than you may think.

While I’m sure we can all agree that the trend to smash cool names together to create a new name that didn’t exist before is relatively new, glamping itself dates back to the 1100s.

It’s a way to experience the sensations of camping and the beauty of nature with the luxury of home comforts. It eliminates the hassle of putting up a tent and ‘roughing it’, so to speak.

Glamping started with Mongolian tribes in the 1100s living in fancy yurts. From there, the next date that indicates a history of glamping was in the late 1900s. Wealthy Europeans and Americans wanted to bring a bit of luxury to their camping adventures in Africa.

Glamping California big sur
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They’d take safari tents, which were often lavishly furnished with antiques, double beds, glorious rugs, and even silk bedding. They didn’t want to leave the luxury of their homes. But they also wanted to experience new countries and sights, so they brought home with them.

All the luxuries they wanted were right there, so it opened up all new opportunities for travel. This concept because more and more popular within small groups of wealthy people. And now, decades later, glamping has become a viral trend.

Glamping Advancements

Oh, and quick note… the term “glamping” actually only appeared recently in 2007. When 2010 rolled around, glamping had swept industries and cultures, and companies started popping up to meet the demand.

Nowadays, there are glamping offerings that you can’t even believe! Weddings are hosted among sets of tents designed by top interior designers to be both boho and lux.

They provide a one-of-a-kind experience, and are so well staged that even the most particular bride will want to fill her house with blown-up pictures of the event.

Influencers who glamp is totally a thing. Hipster-types who know all there is to know about what’s cool and fashionable flock to have their pic taken in these gorgeous tents. The designers think of things you can’t even imagine, like antique, remodelled chairs, trunks from far off lands, and even rugs and floor coverings made from recycled materials.

Glamping California big sur
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So much has come from the glamping trend. Tapestry companies started to create tents of pure decadence. Not only did they look good on Instagram feeds, but they felt just like home. If, however, home was a silk-laden den of fine foods, cushions, lighting, and music.

One thing is for sure, this style of camping in luxury isn’t going anywhere soon!

Glamping In Northern California

All you need to do is check out glamping.com and you’ll get the most in-depth and fascinating offering of what’s available for glamping California Big Sur.

They include pricing, as well as all of the destinations that you can check out. There are so many to choose from all over California.

Glamping California Big Sur is where you’ll see the iconic views from places like Morro Bay, the Bixby Bridge, and McWay Falls. You may remember Bixby bridge from the amazing show Big Little Lies. It featured prominently throughout the series.

Glamping big sur
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Big Sur Glamping

Usually when you pull into a campsite, there’s some guy or gal behind a desk that’ll casually give you a number and a map and grunt at you general directions.

You pull past rows of other tents where people — your future neighbours — stare at you until you find your spot. Then, you know the deal! Up goes the tent. And the arguing that goes along with putting up the tent. In addition to this, there are sometimes even missed piece of the tent, hardened ground into which you need to drive poles, and a lot of… work.

Because the spots are spaced out, you have to hike to the showers, and to the restroom. More people stare. You chop some wood, make a fire, and setup your s’mores. Songs are sung, beers are drunk, faces are lit but the fire.

And when it’s all over, you pull up the big zipper of your tent and go lay down on (if you’re lucky) an inflatable mattress. You may have not made it that far in purchasing supplies, however. Perhaps it’s just a sleeping bag on the gravel.

Sound familiar?

Not to customers of Ventana, it’s not.

Glamping california big sur
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Ventana Big Sur Campground 

Ventana Big Sur has taken glamping to a whole new level.

When you arrive, a park ranger takes your names. He or she will then direct you to drive to a canvas tent, where you’ll be taken to your lodging by a smiling host in a high-powered golf cart.

Your lodging will have heated beds, with blankets and lots of pillows. Of course there are lots of pillows.

They supply you with ready-to-go fire pits. You can choose between wood and gas. You’ll also have running hot and cold water, and both electric lights and rechargeable battery operated lanterns.

They even provide you with your own s’mores kit, so you don’t even need to worry about that. Once you get from a day of adventuring, sunsets, swimming, and taking in all the beauty of glamping California Big Sur, you’re ready to rock.

More Glamping Near Big Sur

It’s incredible how many of these sites are so close to Ventana!

You have Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground, Fernwood Campground and Resort, and Riverside Campground and Cabins, just to name a few.

At Pfeiffer, there’ s a redwood grove that surrounds the whole scenic tent campsite. It comes complete with showers, a bar, and of course firewood for sale. They’ve thought of everything.

When you go to Fernwood, the history stands out. They’ve been open since 1932! And the tavern there is said to be the friendliest in Big Sur. They’re located at the heart of the Big Sur valley, and campers say that it’s both luxury as well as quiet and peaceful. There’s easy access to local hiking, and it also offers a great winter camping experience!

And Riverside Campground is last but not least. Here you’ll find 34 sites for tents and RVs, and 12 cabins along the Big Sur River on 16 acres of majestic Redwoods. If you check out Tripadvisor, you’ll be able to get recommendations on which tents offer different experiences, based on customer reviews.

Campers here say that bathrooms are clean (bonus), the bubbling river was soothing to fall asleep to, and the beds are soft as can be.

Among all of the reviews was a popular sentiment that I share 100%. If you’ve going to be ‘roughing it’ in an expensive motel, why not stay in a beautiful cabin in the woods?

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