Go Get Yourself a Costco Membership Before the Price Goes Up

You can't put a price on paradise

A place where bulk meets beautiful.

Have you experienced the sensation of the $1.50 hotdog and pop combo? Strut your stuff in search of the most satisfying sample? Received a calming grin and wink from a woman in a red hair net while handing you the latest breakthrough in fancy cheeses, ever tried on pants while picking out patio furniture?

If you can’t grasp the experience we’re painting, we have one question: are you okay? I mean you’re clearly not living right. Costco is waiting for you with open arms and right now is the best time to embrace it.

Why now, you ask? The price of a Costco membership is on the rise. Costco Wholesale Corp. announced yesterday that it’s raising its membership fees. Starting June 1, annual membership fees for individual, business, and business add-on members in the U.S. and Canada will rise $55 to $60. Executive memberships in the U.S. and Canada will increase from $110 to $120.

35 Million Costco lovers will be affected by the rise in memberships.

Costco, how could you? We can’t stay mad, you’re still worth it.