GO Transit fares for short distances set to be reduced while long distance fares increase

Rides that are 10 km and under will be cheaper, while over 10 km will be more expensive

Select GO Transit fares have been reduced to give commuters more affordable local transit rides, while long distance ride fares will be increased.

After the Metrolinx board meeting on April 10th, short-distance GO train fares got a $1 reduction when riders use PRESTO. According to the company, the reductions result in a whopping 21% decrease for customers.

As of April 20th, the fare for GO Trips that clock in around 10 km or less will be reduced from $4.71 to $3.70 for PRESTO and from $5.30 to $4.40 for single-fare paper tickets. Longer-distance GO trips, on the other hand, are set to increase up to 4% for PRESTO and up to 10% for single-fare paper tickets, while UP Express fares remain unchanged.

Check out a sample of how the fares are set to change below.

GO Transit riders will be able to calculate their new fare on the website as of April 20th.