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Gold & Youth share vulnerable sophomore album ‘Dream Baby’

Gold & Youth are back with their highly anticipated sophomore album, “Dream Baby,” via Paper Bag Records.

Frontperson Matthew Lyall wrote and recorded Dream Baby in his apartment over two years with bandmates Louise Burns, Jeff Mitchelmore, and Murray McKenzie. By writing in isolation, Lyall brought a newfound vulnerable, stream-of-consciousness sound to the album.

“There’s a duality about dreaming, about the future, about what your plans can be, whatever your ideas of tomorrow are,” Lyall adds. “You sort of need it: it’s a fundamental aspect of human nature, we have to have these visions of what a future can be in order to plod through the day and keep going. But it’s also this thing that is captured and manipulated as a promise that never has to be delivered upon.”

Stream Dream Baby below.

Dream Baby features previously released singles like “Maudlin Days (Robocop)” and “The Worse The Better.”

Alongside the album, Gold & Youth shared a visualizer for its final single, “Blush.”

“‘Blush’ is about the power of love baby!” Lyall says of the Dream Baby track. “Actually though, it’s about finding some semblance of purpose and meaning and ability to make things better through our love for each other. We’re surrounded by these cascading crises caused by the systems we’ve allowed to take the reigns of our world. And perhaps the most sinister part is the sheer banality of it all, the slickness and efficiency with which we can be dehumanized and alienated from each other. Blush is about saying ‘sure, the world we’ve created is full of bullshit, but that’s not some inevitably, it doesn’t actually have to be this way, and we have an antidote, and it’s each other.'”

Watch the visualizer for “Blush” below.

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