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Welcome To Goodwood, Ontario (AKA The Schitt’s Creek Town)

About Schitts Creek And Where It Was Filmed

Schitt’s Creek is a Canadian gem of a show which has gained international fame from Netflix. But did you know that it’s actually filmed in a tiny little town called Goodwood, Ontario?

Created by Dan and Eugene Levy – both Canadians – Schitt’s Creek is an award-winning good time. It’s funny, cool, refreshing, and features some very serious talent.

Is Schitts Creek A Real Place?

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Is Schitt’s Creek a real place? It’s kind of a trick question.

While there is no actual place called Schitt’s Creek, the show itself is filmed in a very real place. Rather than creating a fake on-set town, father-son duo Eugene and Daniel Levy approached the town of Goodwood Ontario.

They needed a place that looked like a “single intersection town” with a quaintness, tenderness, and a real small-town feel to it.

Goodwood turned out to be just the place.

Schitts Creek Location

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The show that swept all seven major comedy awards at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards is basically recorded on a tiny little corner of small-town Ontario.

Stores such as Bob’s Garage, Rose Apothecary, and Café Tropical are all fake businesses but actual stores that fans can visit. This unlikely tourist attraction has brought a lot of business into the town. However, locals and business owners alike say that with the rise in tourists, there’s also been a rise in chaos.

Fans, also known as “Schittheads” have flooded Goodwood en masse. They’re not only hoping to get a selfie by one of the show’s landmarks. Supporters also camp outside some of the main buildings hoping to catch a glimpse of the cast as they’re filming.

Fortunately, the creators are good ‘ol Canadian dudes. They’re community-minded, and regularly support the local businesses. They even do meet-and-greets at times with fans, just to encourage that small town vibe.

Getting To Know Goodwood Ontario

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Goodwood Ontario, a tiny town about 30 miles away from Toronto, has a population of 663 people. Many of the people who live there do so because it’s much less expensive than living in Toronto. Most of the residents commute to and from Toronto, or work from home.

Located within the larger Township of Uxbridge, the town is fairly affluent. That’s why, according to residents, there was an initial resistance to the shows name “Schitt’s Creek”.

Is Goodwood A Large Town?

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Goodwood Ontario is a tiny little town. It barely covers half a square mile, according to the city data.

In fact, it’s so small that Eugene Levy saw it as the perfect opportunity to represent the “one-intersection” town that he needed for Schitt’s Creek filming.

Things To Do In Goodwood

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The main things to do in Goodwood are mostly related to the popular show. A lot of people visit just to take pictures in front of the stores that are featured in the show.

Really, there’s just a local bakery, a gas station, a sub shop, and a wool shop. Further, because of the protections on the surrounding lands, there are over 137 miles of trails for hikers, cyclists, and skiers. That gives people lots to do, but it also keeps the town small with very little growth potential.

Uxbridge, where Goodwood is located, looks very similar to how it did 50 years ago. The lack of growth has given the show that small-town feel that’s such an important part of its popularity.

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