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Did Google Pixel Just Change The Cell Phone Game?

Today, Google announced their highly anticipated new cell phone – Pixel. The new phone by Google builds upon the success and experience obtained through their Nexus program which had them work with various tech partners on smartphone technologies. With Pixel, Google is attempted to fully marry the Google software and hardware experience. Some of the features being touted are:

  • – Up to seven hours charge in 15 minutes
  • – Google Assistant – their version of Siri that taps into traffic, youtube, maps
  • – 2.3MP camera with big 1.55 micron pixels
  • – Free unlimited storage at full resolution in Google Photos
  • – Newest Android operating system, Android 7.1 Nougat
  • – Google Duo and Allo for video call and text (iOS compatible)
  • – Comes in multiple sizes: 5” or 5.5”
  • – 3 colors: Very Silver, Quite Black, or Really Blue (US)

Will you buy one?


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