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Google reveals plans for new video game streaming service called ‘Stadia’

Google is hoping to revolutionize the video game industry after announcing its plans for a new video game streaming service called Stadia at the GDC conference in San Francisco.

The tech giant has confirmed reports that they’ve been working on their own “Netflix for games” style platform, and they’ve even revealed that Stadia is set to launch in North America and Europe later on in 2019.

“We want games to feel instantly enjoyable with access for everyone,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained at the conference, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “Games play a big part in developing our own technology. Perhaps the biggest impact of gaming is how it pushes us to make big leaps in computing and the infrastructure that supports it all.”

Google Vice President Phil Harrison even explained that the games would be accessible instantly, loading in less than five seconds. Upon launching, they’ll be supporting systems like TVs, laptops, tablets, and phones, and eventually they’ll support cross-platform play with other gaming consoles.

Stadia can be used with controllers currently available on the market, but Google also has offered up its own controller that connects through WiFi to the current game being played, featuring a streaming button that records video and instantly streams it to YouTube, and a Google Assistant button that allows users to look up information about a game.

Upon launching, Stadia will be able to stream at a 4k resolution, eventually moving toward a video quality of 8k, later becoming more powerful than both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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