Google Searches for “How To Move To Canada” Spike After Trump Win

The True North, Strong and Trump-Free.

Surprise, surprise. Canada, the 2nd best place in the world and home to the best whiskey in the world is seeking some migrants from the south. Following Super Tuesday, recent Google search data has revealed a spike in “How To Move To Canada” on the search engine after Donald Trump’s wins in various states.

(Image via: Google Trends)

News broke after Google Data Editor, Simon Rogers first pointed out the trend via Twitter.

But that was only the beginning. By midnight the search rose to a 1150% increase.

google trends

(Image via: Google Trends)

Interestingly enough, a strong number of searches came from Massachusetts, where Trump won in a landslide 49% victory. The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website was even experiencing high traffic causing major delays in accessing their website.

screenshot canada

(Image via: Government of Canada Website)

Let’s look at it this way Americans, if Trump’s Canadian-born opponent Rafael  Ted Cruz wins, American’s will still have a little piece of “our home and native land” on their own turf.

We love Canada! And you should too. Especially with these amazing festival lineups this year.
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