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Gord Downie album ‘Coke Machine Glow’ set for 20th anniversary reissue

The 2001 Gord Downie album Coke Machine Glow is getting an expanded 20th anniversary reissue via Arts & Crafts.

The album revisits the songs and poetry of this key era in the Tragically Hip frontman’s career. The new reissue has been curated by Josh Finlayson, his brother Patrick, and Arts & Crafts’ Jonathan Shedletzky. The triple-album comes made up of the original two-disc set alongside a bonus record. That bonus Gord Downie record is made up of previously unreleased demos, alternate versions, and outtakes.



In the Coke Machine Glow liner notes, Finlayson explains:

“Having lived in Toronto for over 10 years, Gord wanted to make his first solo record in his adopted city. He had met and befriended many artists in different disciplines and was keen to collaborate with that community.”

“The Gas Station recording studio was located in an old warehouse district of Toronto close to the exhibition grounds near King and Dufferin. Located on the fourth floor, it was an open spaced room with 10 foot windows that had spectacular views looking south to Lake Ontario and east towards downtown. Owned and operated by Dale Morningstar and Don Kerr who after 10 years of operation were being evicted from this location. Coke Machine Glow ended up being the last session at the Gas Station from April 29-May 10, 2000.”

Penguin Random House Canada has also announced a Coke Machine Glow audiobook. This will be a complete reading of Downie’s original book of poetry by family members, band members, and friends.

Pre-order the Gord Downie reissue or the audiobook here.

Coke Machine Glow: Songwriters’ Cabal Tracklist:

Coke Machine Glow:

01 – “Starpainters”
02 – “Vancouver Divorce”
03 – “SF Song”
04 – “Trick Rider”
05 – “Canada Geese”
06 – “Chancellor”
07 – “The Never-Ending Present”
08 – “Nothing But Heartache in Your Social Life”
09 – “Blackflies”
10 – “Lofty Pines”
11 – “Boy Bruised By Butterfly Chase”
12 – “Mystery”
13 – “Elaborate”
14 – “Yer Possessed”
15 – “Every Irrelevance”
16 – “Insomniacs of the World, Good Night”

Songwriters’ Cabal:

01 – “Vancouver Divorce – Alternate Take”
02 – “Trick Rider – Demo”
03 – “SF Song – Demo”
04 – “Contact – Demo”
05 – “Down Down Down – Demo”
06 – “Putting Down – Demo”
07 – “Chancellor – Demo”
08 – “The Never-Ending Present – Demo”
09 – “I Stand Before the Songwriters’ Cabal – Outtake”
10 – “Contact – Outtake”
11 – “Mystery – Alternate Take”
12 – “Lofty Pines – Alternate Take”

Audiobook Readers:

Dan Aykroyd, Rob Baker, Andrew Cash, Dave Clark, Julie Doiron, Charlyn Downie, Clare Downie, Clemens Downie, Lou Downie, Mike Downie, Patrick Downie, Paula Downie, Willo Downie, Johnny Fay, Josh Finlayson, Sarah Harmer, Kevin Hearn, Dave “Billy Ray” Koster, Paul Langlois, Ron MacLean, Andy Maize, Bruce McCulloch, Dale Morningstar, Larry Murphy, Andrea Nann, Dr. Pee, Gillian Reiss, Damian Rogers, Gord Sinclair, Kaya Usher.

Lead photo courtesy of Mike Downie from “Chancellor” video (2001).

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