Gord Downie Opens Up About Battling Cancer and Memory Loss

"I'm a very lucky guy."

It takes a strong person to feel so fortunate during such a difficult time.

Tragically Hip frontman, Gord Downie sat down with CBC’s The National anchor Peter Mansbridge to talk about his fading memory and his thoughts amidst of battling terminal brain cancer.

The loved and admired 52-year-old Canadian legend has been battling an aggressive form of terminal brain cancer since last December. Since then, he’s undergone two brain surgeries, many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy, and multiple MRIs.

Downie told Mansbridge he “can’t remember hardly anything” and admitted he had to write notes on his hand to prompt his memory. Downie also said he hopes he “can get more time.”

But the most heart-wrenching moment came when Mansbridge asked asked him if he’s “resigned to the direction [he] is heading”, of which Downie replied, “Yes, I am. I really am.”

It is truly a genuine sentiment when we say, the rest of the world is not ready. Our thoughts go out to Gord Downie, his family, and all of his loyal fans.

To preview the interview, which aired live Thursday (October 13) night on CBC’s The National, click the player below.