Watch Gord Downie Surprise Massey Hall With Blue Rodeo And The Sadies

"Peak Canadiana."

Blue Rodeo returned to Toronto’s Massey Hall last night with The Sadies and a special unannounced guest – Gord Downie.

Before the encore, Downie strolled on stage in his familiar denim jacket and jeans that he had been sporting during his Secret Path shows this past fall, waved to the audience and kissed his longtime brothers in Canadiana. Holding a piece of paper with the lyrics in hand, Downie smiled and sang along with his friends to Blue Rodeo’s 1992 anthem, Lost Together.

As the song faded out and the night came to a close, Greg Keeler proclaimed: “We’d like to thank all of the Gords in the room tonight, the fabulous Sadies, the Man Who Walks Among The Stars and our beautiful crew for putting this all together.”

There were three Gords in the room last night, including the legendary singer-songwriter and Massey Hall’s favourite son – Gordon Lightfoot.

This isn’t the first time that Downie has surprised the faces at Massey Hall as just this past October at Hayden’s Dream Serenade Benefit for Beverley School, he joined his Secret Path bandmates to open the night.