Gord Downie’s Doctor Praises his High Energy and Courage

“The level of strength and courage, the energy that he needs to do this is well beyond what most people can do.”

Gord Downie is being praised by his doctor in light of his spectacular performance on The Hip’s final tour. The Man Machine Poem Tour is slowly winding down towards the final performance on August 20th in the band’s hometown of Kingston, ON, where fans all over the country will live stream the show.


It has been noted that despite his health issues, Gord Downie continues to bring his high energy and artistry every night while on tour. His neuro-oncologist Dr. James Perry recently told Global News that while he knew the tour would be physically and mentally tasking for Downie, he never thought it would be problematic. He explained, “You need to be highly motivated, maintain your fitness level. He’s done all of those things. So I’m not surprised to see he can do this because he was so motivated to do this.” Watch the full interview below:

Gord Downie and the rest of The Hip are performing two more shows in Toronto this week – August 12 and 14 – before continuing on with their coast-to-coast farewell tour. Here’s a list of places in Toronto that you can stream the grand finale.

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