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Find Your Way Out of These Great Toronto Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms were only introduced to Toronto a couple years ago, but since then have become something of a phenomenon. People can’t seem to get enough of these real-life puzzles. Within a time frame of under an hour, the purpose of these game are to make your way out of a locked room using only your wits and little information. There’s escape rooms for every level of skill, and almost every type of horror and fantasy themed you can think of. Here are a couple you should definitely check out first:


Escape Casa Loma: Secret City Adventures

Ever wanted to get lost in Toronto’s famed Casa Loma? Escape Casa Loma is Canada’s first theatrical escape room, mixing in live actors and an interactive set and sound system.

Looking Glass Adventures

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Head to the Danforth for family-friendly fun! Their 60 minute puzzles appropriate for all ages, and best for big groups/families.


Riddle Room

For the deep thinkers out there, Riddle Room on Yonge offers three riddle-focused escape rooms. Give yourself plenty of time here because they also have a full cafe with drinks and snacks, plus board games and video game consoles.


Mysterious Minds Escape

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Mysterious Minds boasts a number of differently themed escape rooms across the city all with varying degrees of difficulty. For the beginner, try the Banks and Robber muster, or the Vampire Story if you think you can take a bit more of a challenge.


Captive Escape Rooms

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These escape rooms are not for the faint of heart. Captive prides themselves for providing a realistic experience for groups of 2-12, that will have you questioning which way is up.


Escape Games Canada

With locations in North York and Mississauga, Escape Games has a variety of themed escape rooms that will put your skills to the test. If you’re looking for something truly intense, try their mystery room ‘The Unknown’ and see if you can last.


The Great Escape

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The Great Escape brings fiction to life. with themes based around pop culture favourites like The Hangover and The Da Vinci Code. Good for small teams/families with children.



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Roundabout near Younge and Dundas has some pretty cool themes set up for your to get lost in, and uses complex sets to make a pretty compelling environment. For the horror fans, you’ll want to try their Butcher’s Basement, or Back to The Mummy if you’re a real smart cookie.
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