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Great Toronto Picnic Places

Every food trend in this city has to do with beer, cupcakes, or bacon. It just gets to be too much and that’s where picnics step in. Not only are they a cheap option for eating out with friends, but your fingers don’t have to swell up from salt-induced water retention the next day (unless that’s what you were packing to eat anyways, in which case, respect.)

Anyway, here are some pretty good place to picnic it up:

Christie Pits Park
Sundays at Christie Pitts are brilliant in the summer, mostly because it’s good to bring food to eat while you watch the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team play with what can only be described as “shocking skill, considering.” Even though you’ll be stuck on a steep hill, there are great options for shade, a nearby bathroom, subway access, and entertainment to watch while you eat.

Toronto Botanical Gardens
Relaxing, beautiful, calming, the TBG boasts themed gardens including the Knot Gardens, where plants get all sculptural. All in all, a classy place to eat.


Toronto Zoo
You’re allowed to bring picnics in, so….a zoo and a picnic. Bam. Done. Sounds great. Same goes for Blackcreek Pioneer Village.


Riverdale Park
Situated between Cabbagetown and Broadview, the park is equipped for pre- and post-picnic activities, and has fields for soccer, baseball and ultimate Frisbee. In the summer, a free movie series takes place in the park, and that’s something you should always pack a picnic for.

Trinity Bellwoods Park
Bathrooms, street car access, tennis courts, lots options for shade– it’s a popular park to picnic in, so there’s always people around to watch. An excellent bonus is the fact that Feel Good Guru restaurant on Queen will rent out picnic blankets to customers who ask for them.


Woodbine Beach
Has anyone in this city ever not had a picnic at Woodbine before the fireworks on either Victoria Day or Canada day? It’s always crowded and there’s always a stampede for the streetcar afterwards, but dammit, it’s tradition. On other days, though, it’s a great picnic spot: sandy beach, volley ball nets, boardwalk, these are all good things.


High Park
High Park is huge, so saying it’s a great place for a picnic is a give in. The place has 18 picnic areas, 7 washrooms and a Children’s Adventure Playground on the east side of the park, in case little kids are among your guests.


Canoe Landing Park
Canoe Landing Park certainly does pack a significant amount of novelty. Eat lunch in a giant canoe designed by none other than Douglas Coupland. More like a date place, really.

Other honourable mentions include: Ward’s Island, Morningside Park, Dufferin Grove, Etienne Brule Park, Bluffers Park, Cherry Beach, Tommy Thompson Park, and Spadina Museum Gardens.

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