Great Uses of the Glockenspiel

Have you ever noticed the glockenspiel in these songs?

What is it about the glockenspiel that makes it so magical? Sure you can drop some tambourine or shaker egg into a song for added percussion, but only the glockenspiel conveys a feeling of childlike wonderment. So simple, and yet so effective! Enjoy these great uses of Glockenspiel.

LCD Soundsystem – Someone Great

When James Murphy gets going on something, he uses it in a big way. The glock follows his melody for the entire song.
Arcade Fire – Power Out

There’s no shortage of glockenspiel on Funeral, but this song fully exploits it with a great burst of energy. Might want to put a strap on it like a keytar so you can dance around.
Cults – Go Outside

Don’t just go outside, go outside and frolick. This New York City duo use the glockenspiel to give the song a light airy feel.
The New Pornographers – Hey, Snow White

If you’ve got a great guitar hook, why not layer some glockenspiel on it to really make it pop? This one’s from the charity compilation album Dark Was The Night in 2009.
Radiohead – All I Need

Psychedelic glock! Watch Jonny Greenwood put some trippy effects on it for this live version of the In Rainbows brooder.
Marina And The Diamonds – I Am Not A Robot

Guess what? This glock isn’t a robot either! Well, actually, it could be – a lot of bands used midi or sampled glockenspiel to save time in the studio.
The Decemberists – The Engine Driver

Listen to how the glockenspiel slides into the second verse and adds a beautiful counter melody to Colin Meloy’s hushed vocals.
Dan Mangan – The Indie Queens Are Waiting

The barely-played glockenspiel is so delicate in this song from Nice, Nice, Very Nice you might almost miss it in the chorus. Oh, and if you’re wondering who the female singer is accompanying him, it’s fellow Vancouverite Veda Hille.
Bloc Party – Signs

This is the glockenspiel in hyper mode, but it adds an eerie feel to an already heartbreaking song. The live performance will give you chills while you marvel at the glock skills.