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Green Gardens share charming new song ‘I Keep Eating Myself’

Four-piece outfit Green Gardens are self-proclaimed “pastoral art rock gardeners from Leeds”. Their newest single “I Keep Eating Myself” is delightfully tasteful. Nearing four minutes, the track is rich with imagery, humble riffs and effortless vocals.

Green Gardens revealed the story behind the track:

“’I Keep Eating Myself’ is the second of our ‘Posterity Fable’ songs. It was inspired by a Bill Brandt photo of a man sheltering in a crypt during the blitz, he is quite sweetly asleep in a huge stone coffin. His calmness is what has resonated and stayed over the past 80 years, not his actual flesh or eyes or his bank account.

Hands aren’t just for holding, coffins aren’t necessarily just for being dead inside. Life is good and don’t let the chewing overwhelm you.”

Listen to “I Keep Eating Myself” below.

The single is the follow-up to the equally striking tune “Home in the Books” released back in May. Both singles share very similar cover art however, there are no specific details on an upcoming album just yet.

The young and bright-eyed group are playing at various UK festivals such as Live at Leeds ‘In the City’ and Wild Paths Festival.

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