Greys to Reissue Hand drawn ‘Ultra Sorta’ on Record Store Day

Handmade cover art drawn by our very own Raina Douris

With Record Store Day approaching more bands are coming out of the wood-work with new releases, re-issues, special editions, and more.

While many bands have been busy getting their RSD releases pressed and printed, local post-hardcore group Greys have decided to take a more grass-roots approach. After finding some extra copies of Ultra Sorta, their debut LP, they’ve enlisted some of their artistic friends to help with the album design.

One of those friends happens to be our very own Raina Douris (yes, she can draw too). Raina, along with Greys’ friends Dave Murray and Joel French, hand drew eight copies of Sorta Ultra that will be available this Friday.


By Raina Douris

In a press announcement, the Greys said, “We thought ‘reissuing’ our record like this would be a fun way to focus attention on the hard working indie retailers that bust their asses on all 365 days of the year.”

If you want to get your hands on any of these you can find them at Sonic Boom, Rotate This, June Records, Soundscapes, She Said Boom (College Street), Grasshopper, LP’s LPs, and Good Music. But you have to hurry, as they’re limited to one copy per store.