Grimes creates Twitter and Instagram pages for her unborn baby under the name ‘WarNymph’

Alongside a photograph of a "de-aged digital clone" of the child

After announcing that she was pregnant, Grimes has created Twitter and Instagram pages for her and Elon Musk’s unborn child under the name “WarNymph.”

Grimes also shared a picture of a CGI image of a baby with wings, holding a bow and arrow on her social media, linking to the Twitter user @WarNymph. While the handle works on Instagram as well, both pages are private. Grimes says that the pages will stay private as the baby is in “beta mode,” but one post has been leaked, which you can check out below.

When responding to a fan asking about the page, Grimes revealed that the CGI infant is a “de-aged digital clone but prob similar” to her own child.