Grimes, Pharrell, Lil Uzi Vert to feature on Blink-182’s forthcoming album

It's anticipated for release this year

Blink-182’s Travis Barker appeared on Spotify’s Rock This podcast with Allison Hagendorf, where he shared some details about the band’s next album, which is “60 per cent done” and anticipated to be released this year.

In the clip, Barker shared that their forthcoming record will feature a slew of collaborators, including Grimes, Pharrell, and Lil Uzi Vert.

“There’s like a song with Grimes right now that’s really, really cool that I love,” Barker explained in the podcast. “There’s a song with Uzi that’s really, really cool that we did with Pharrell. I mean, it’s not like Blink’s making a rap song or anything. It’s like bringing Uzi over to our world. So it’s more of a punk kind of like reggae feeling song.”

Check out the episode in full below.

“I don’t think Blink will ever be anything but a pop-punk band,” Barker continues. “I mean, that’s who we are. And I feel like our fans have kind of journeyed with us when we’ve done songs like ‘Miss You’ or ballads like ‘Adam’s Song.’ But, like, we’re never going to veer too far off from what we are – like, I’m like a punk kid at heart, you know what I mean?”

In an interview with RockSound back in July, producer John Feldmann revealed that new music was in the works, and Blink-182 were “getting in touch with their roots” and making tracks that “have been super classic Blink – and I can’t be more excited.”