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Guess Who KFC’s New “Extra-Cripsy Colonel” is

Kentucky Fried Chicken decided to bring back its longtime dormant caricature Colonel Sanders last year. Since then, the face of the Colonel has changed three times and now a fourth face has been added to the mix: Golden Globe-winning George Hamilton. KFC is launching a new ad campaign to promote its new line of “extra crispy” chicken. Mashable reports that the ad campaign will be produced by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy and is set to have four commercials.

The newest Colonel isn’t replacing the last one, but instead he’s a rebranded Colonel – his summery, tan and “crispy” counterpart. The Colonel has been played by Darrell Hammond, Norm Macdonald and Jim Gaffigan in the past year alone.  Kevin Hoffman, KFC’s chief marketing officer, told Mashable that they “always thought that having one actor playing him wouldn’t really do him justice.” He continued saying, “We are always going to be unexpected.”

You can watch one of the “Extra Crispy” commercials along with the commercials featuring other three Colonels below.

 Images Courtesy of KFC

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