Guided By Voices Announce Another New Album

Yes, Guided By Voices Have ANOTHER New Album On The Way

It was only weeks ago that ‘GBV’ released their latest album, Motivational Jumpsuit and already they have another album coming down the pipe line. They announced their plans to release a new 18 song album Cool Planet, due out May 13th. As a taste of things to come they’ve shared album cut “Bad Love is Easy to Do”. In typical Guided By Voices fashion the sharp cut comes in at a whopping 2 minues and 5 seconds.

Take a listen to the song and check out the track listing below.

Cool Planet

1. Authoritarian Zoo

2. Fast Crawl

3. Psychotic Crush

4. Costume Makes the Man

5. Hat of Flames

6. These Dooms

7. Table at Fool’s Tooth

8. All American Boy

9. You Get Every Game

10. Pan Swimmer

11. The Bone Church

12. Bad Love is Easy to Do

13. The No Doubters

14. Narrated by Paul

15. Cream of Lung

16. Males of Wormwood Mars

17. Ticket to Hide

18. Cool Planet