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Guns N’ Roses Detained at Canadian Border for Gun Possession

Life aint always a bed of roses, especially when you’re telling airport customs officials, “it wasn’t my gun!”

Leave it to Axl Rose, who shrugged off an incident at the Canadian border this weekend when American rock-band, Guns N’ Roses, were detained on entering the country due to firearm possession.

“We weren’t exactly arrested, we were detained for a while,” Rose expressed on stage at the Toronto Rogers Centre, where the concert took place. The rocker continued, smiling. “Oh, they were very nice. They were very understanding.”

The group had been travelling to Toronto from Philadelphia, before being stopped by customs for the obvious hold-up.

According to a Guns N’ Roses representative, the gun did not belong to any member of the group. Come on Axl, Canada is chill, but not that chill. Next time, leave the firearms at home and just bring the roses.

Watch Axl recall the story in the video below:

The infamous rock band will continue their North American tour, before heading to Brazil for dates in November.

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