This Guy Quit His Job To Become A Balloon Artist And Is Living The Dream

Nothing but air

Glen LaValley is a certified balloon artist hailing from Edmonton, Alberta. The professional balloon-twisting entertainer picked up the hobby 15 years ago before recently going pro.

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Just a few years ago, the 54-year-old was working in banking and IT positions, doing his ballooning to entertain his daughter, nieces and nephews. He discovered a new found appreciation for balloon art and took to studying the craft in his off-time.


His hobby turned into a part-time venture before Glen decided to leave the corporate world behind within the last year, to focus all his attention into his favourite art form. He hasn’t looked back since.


His creations range from balloon entertaining to balloon sculptures to wearable balloon costumes and balloon decor. Glen has even won prizes for his efforts: First Place and People’s Choice awards at the international Twist and Shout 2014 and 2015 conventions in the costume competition.


But the questions stands, why balloons? Glen says, “it’s fun sharing the magic of balloon sculptures with people. How many grumpy people do you see with a swell balloon figure?”


Glen gets true joy from seeing people’s eyes widen when he creates a balloon figure out of thin air. It’s hard not to look at some of them and smile!


Here’s Glen in a two-headed troll costume, his face peering through as the sheep. He volunteers for charity events and believes in making the world a better place through the magic of his balloon art. Glen, you’re a legend. Living out his dream, happy doing it and making others smile in the process.


Images courtesy GlenBalloonGuy