Hackers Have Found a Way to Sell Lifetime Subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify & HBO

Internet bandits have been discovered selling lifetime accounts for as low as 50 cents.

It’s come to light that hackers have been able to crack some of the major streaming services to offer lifetime subscriptions to subscribers almost for free.

A report published by McAfee Labs about the marketplace for stolen digital information, revealed the availability within secret “dark web” marketplaces. According to McAffee, users can easily obtain stolen accounts for HBO NOW and HBO GO for as little as $10 or less. Lifetime Netflix accounts are going for a cool 50 cents, and Spotify for $1.95.


(Example taken from McAfee’s report of a stolen HBO account for sale online.)

Intel Security CTO Raj Samani explained that they were able to find “every possible service and every possible flavor you could think of” available for sale illegally online. The sellers even offer a guarantee that if your purchased account ever gets shut down, they’ll replace it. Apparently they even have their own help desk.