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Hamilton singer-songwriter AOIFE sings of denial at the end of a relationship on new single ‘SID’

Irish-born Hamilton-based singer-songwriter Aoife-Louise Doyle has shared her premiere single as AOIFE, “SID.”

The new single channels the introspective folk sounds of AOIFE, with a rock inflection and pop sensibility. “SID” is a stunning, layered tune with uplifting melodies and dreamy vocal lines. From catchy synth lines to driven percussion, you’ll find yourself revisiting this song again and again.

“In the early stages of ‘SID,’ it was initially meant to be a love song. Over the years, it unfolded into a mix of conscious and subconscious voices of a person in love,” AOIFE explains. “As perspective shifted on the musical direction of ‘SID,’ the message took on a new interpretation: The subject now realizes that the relationship is not working, but is in denial of its demise.”

Listen to “SID” below.

“At the track’s peak, a subconscious voice enters subtly as a manic flip becomes prevalent,” AOIFE adds. “She wants to slow the good parts down, even if temporarily, as she is not ready to face an inevitable end.”

Thematically, AOIFE’s music looks at themes of love, heartbreak, isolation, and more. Her music is all about “a moment of unity by mutual emotion, and a mutual catharsis,” according to a release.

AOIFE is set to release a video for “SID” on October 28th, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

On “SID,” Devon Savas plays basses and Levi Kertesz plays drums, guitqrs, and synths. Cohen Wylie engineered and recorded the track at Threshold Recording Studio.Devon Savas and Levi Kertesz co-produced and mixed the single, with additional production and mix from Dervish Kucukovic. Aaron Hutchinson mastered the tune.

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