Happy Soul Project – Tara & Pip at the Big Reveal

Emotional day at Indie88 as Tara and Pip experience the Happy Soul Project Billboard reveal

There were a lot of teary moments Wednesday at the Indie88 headquarters as Tara and Pip came to visit and chat with The Morning After before heading to the corner of Bay & Bloor to witness the unveiling of the Happy Soul Project billboard.

Happy Soul Project was the winner of the Indie88 Win A Billboard Contest, and beautiful Pip will be towering above the city at one of the busiest intersections in Canada where over half-a-million people will see her for an entire month.

As part of Tara’s submission she said, “I had a daughter a year and a half ago… a daughter that has rocked my world… she also just happens to have Down syndrome… If we could help just one person by seeing Pip and our message that ‘What Makes You Different Is What Makes You Beautiful’ on a big, bloody billboard that would be just about the best thing on the planet.”

Check out the video and some photos below.