Has This Canadian-Founded Company Solved Netflix’s Border Blocks?

Who's ready for some Sons of Anarchy?

Many Canadians turned to piracy to keep up with the latest film releases and their favourite television shows after Netflix effectively stomped out the border-hopping capabilities of most VPN unblocking services last year. One Canadian-founded company says it has a workaround that can allow subscribers north of the border to access U.S. Netflix.

Turbo VPN, which is incorporated in Barbados but has a Burlington, ON office, according to CBC, has developed a device it calls TurboBeacon that it claims is “unstoppable” in its ability to cut through Netflix’s geo-blocking crackdown.

TurboBeacon connects to a standard wireless router and your streaming device of choice, it then geo-locates users to the U.S., which works to allow access to streaming services otherwise restricted to Canadians, like Hulu, HBO Now, various sports services, and American Netflix.

TurboBeacon Sneak Peek

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the final TurboBeacon design. The first shipments will begin July 28th. Keep an eye out for your confirmation email once your order has been sent. Haven't ordered TurboBeacon yet? Don't worry, pre-orders are still open at turbobeacon.com!

Posted by TurboBeacon on Thursday, June 30, 2016

The device itself costs $24.95 US while a monthly subscription runs $7.95 US.

Working around Netflix’s geo-borders is against the company’s user agreement, but not against the law. So will you shell out for TurboBeacon?