Have a Laugh: Five New Netflix Comedies You Need to Check Out

Are you havin' a laugh?

If you don’t have Netflix at this point, I just feel sorry for you. Half the time you use it, you’re overwhelmed by choices and you end up watching something you’ve seen a thousand times (it’s Friends, isn’t it?).

New shows and flicks are being added all the time but here are some new ones that should give you a good laugh or two (or five).

Staten Island Summer

For fans of Superbad and SNL, this new Lorne Michaels produced flick is the perfect easy-watching movie if you’re looking to have a few laughs.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

This is could be the funniest four hours of media you will ever consume. For those familiar with the now cult classic, Wet Hot American Summer, these eight episodes give you a little more of a background story on your favourite characters.

Wet Hot American Summer: Hurricane of Fun

When the original movie was shot, someone had the job of making a documentary about how the whole thing came together. Not only to get to see your favourite actors drunk behind the scenes but you get to check out all the problems they had to deal with to make this film work.

BoJack Horsemen: Season 2

If you liked season 1 it’s safe to say that you’ll dig this. Will Arnett has the perfect voice for a cartoon horse, and yes, that is a compliment.

Demetri Martin: Live at the Time

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new stand up special from one of the world’s weirdest thinking people, but Demetri is back and he brought his guitar and harmonica with him.