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Haviah Mighty shares video for celebratory new track ‘Tesla’

Toronto’s Haviah Mighty has shared a video for her new single, “Tesla.”

The track comes from her forthcoming mixtape, Stock Exchange, which is set for release on November 12th. “Tesla” is a celebratory new single produced by Haviah Mighty and Young Dreadz. The track was inspired by Haviah Mighty’s first mini US tour that took place right before the pandemic. The accompanying video is directed by Die Fire Films’ Jesse Bryan with Production Company Cultiv8. The clip is inspired by video games, as Haviah Mighty races through the streets of Toronto in the titular car.

“Being fresh off the high from freestyling on ‘Sway in the Morning’ just a few days earlier, to performing in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles…all of this solidified something in my mind – the idea that I could really achieve this,” Mighty says. “The only thing I have to do is continue to work hard. One thing I’ve always worried about is being stagnant and only being recognized for the last thing that I’ve done, so maintaining this work ethic has to be a focal point for me.”

Watch the video for “Tesla” below.

“While much of this song talks about the things that I feel I’m on my way to achieving,” Haviah Mighty adds of “Tesla.” “Some of which being those nice-to-have material things – for me, these things are symbolic of something more abstract – a lifestyle that I couldn’t fathom prior.”

Mem>Sock Exchange is set to feature collaborations with Mala Rodríguez, Yizzy, Jalen Santoy, Old Man Saxon, TOBi, Grandtheft, and more.

The title of Stock Exchange refers to how artists are forced to validate their worth based on data like followers and subscribers, which takes away from the actual experience of their art.

“These statistics that we use to compare ourselves to others and to define our successes, have become proof of our worth,” Mighty adds. “It’s all perception. These ideas around perceived value got me thinking about the Stock Exchange. Seeing parallels between the way it flows – the constant rising and falling – all dictated by the general public’s perception of an entity’s value, and ultimately how that influences the moves that we make as individuals.”
Lead photo courtesy of Yung Yemi.

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