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Hayden – Us Alone

I’ll be the first to admit that I am the last person that should be writing a review for this album. The simple fact is, I’ve been a fan since I was 17 and since his first album Everything I Long For. I have every album on vinyl and on CD, I’ve been to every concert I could possibly go to, including driving to Montreal to pick up a friend to continue on to Vermont… and Hayden was only the opening act. To say that I’m biased is an understatement!

Us Alone (released on February 5th 2013) is another “brother or sister” to the 6 “siblings” he’s released over the past 17 years. Meaning, the lyrics are what they’ve always been: honest, sweet, raw, sad at times, and sincere. Different from the previous albums due to growing older and becoming a father, the lyrics seem more mature, rich with experience. The music: dreamy, comforting, sometimes dreary, other times upbeat. The simple sounds of the piano, guitar, and drums are a great juxtaposition to the deeper words. It’s music you have to feel with your heart and soul, not read about. I definitely recommend buying the album, sitting alone with your favourite beverage, and letting the songs do their thing.

A fan will fall in love with all 8 songs immediately. Not a fan? This album won’t change that (but you really should reconsider!)

Hayden is playing in Toronto:  Thursday February 21st at the Cameron House and Friday February 22 at the Rivoli.


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