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Hayley Williams, Julien Baker join Becca Mancari to perform ‘I’m Sorry’

Becca Mancari played her first live show in almost two years on August 6th, and she recruited Julien Baker and Hayley Williams for a track.

Back in December of 2020, Becca Mancari and Julien Baker joined Williams during her NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert. Now, the trio have reunited to collaborate again. This time, they played Mancari’s track, “I’m Sorry.”

Becca Mancari returned to live performances with her show at the Basement East in Nashville. “Will you welcome to the stage two of my dearest friends to help me do the damn thing,” Mancari says in fan-shot footage. “Are you kiddies ready? Welcome to the stage Ms. Hayley Williams and Julien Baker!”

Watch Becca Mancari, Julien Baker, and Hayley Williams’ performance of “I’m Sorry” in full below.

“I haven’t seen this many people in a really long time,” Williams says.

The intimate rendition comes packed with some beautiful harmonies from the trio. The performance revolves around sweet electric guitar lines and soft, captivating instrumentals. Together, Mancari, Williams, and Baker sing lines like, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not done yet.”

Back in February, Julien Baker shared her heartbreaking, introspective new record, Little Oblivions. Her third studio album was recorded in her hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. The new collection stays true to the devastating, introspective lyricism of 2015’s Sprained Ankle and 2017’s Turn Out the Lights. But, it sees Baker exploring new sonic textures by layering bass, drums, synthesizers, banjo, and mandolin atop her usual guitar and piano lines.

Baker is able to take her heartwrenching storytelling to a new level on Little Oblivions, delivering melancholic lines like, “I’ll wrap Orion’s belt around my neck and kick the chair out” and “Beat myself till I’m bloody, and I’ll give you a ringside seat.”

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