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9 Heartwarming Photos of Canada at the Rio Olympics

Canada, the home of the true, north, strong and free. A country that is known for its delicious poutine, sweet maple-syrup, and kind-hearted, patriotic home grown people. And after two very exciting weeks, the photos from the Rio 2016 Olympics definitely showcased the latter.

From adorable celebrations, to legendary bromances, the moments captured on camera highlight the country’s greatest attributes and incredible sportsmanship.

Here are a few of those authentic, heartwarming moments that happened during #Rio2016.

Penny Oleksiak and Simone Manuel of the U.S.A. hugging it out after tying for gold.

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Damian Warner wins decathlon bronze and proudly holds up Canadian flag.


Brianne Theisen Eaton is the last woman standing after winning bronze in women’s heptathlon.

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Derek Drouin wins gold in high-jump

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The Canadian women’s soccer team receiving their medals.


Erica Wiebe carrying her coach, Paul Ragusa, after winning wrestling gold.


Oldest metalist Eric Lamaze wins bronze in Olympic equestrian


#DeBolt, the bromance that gave the rest of the world #friendshipgoals.


Canada bringing home the historic bronze medal in women’s rugby sevens.


A big congratulations to all of the Canadian athletes that attended the 2016 Rio Olympics, we’re so proud!

(Main photo courtesy of Team Canada on Instagram)

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