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Heavy Flash Flood Leaves Toronto Submerged

It’s going to be a wet one today here in Toronto.

Torontonians are still dealing with the aftermath of a dangerous flash flood Tuesday night that left parts of the city submerged in water.

Emergency workers were responding to flooding-related calls throughout the evening as many people had to abandon their vehicles in the deep water. One taxi cab had to be rescued in the Junction once his car submerged in several feet of water.

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Toronto police also rescued two men in the city’s north end who were trapped in a basement elevator. When Police found them the water was up to six feet high, and only had about a foot of breathing room left. Toronto Police were able to free the men from the elevator using a crowbar to pry open the shut doors.

Condo dwellers had their own issues, as some captured video of sewage spilling out into their hallways, apartments and staircases.

The flooding has left parts of the TTC is disarray, with Subway Service suspended on Line 1 between Finch West and Wilson stations due to flooding.

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A streetcar had to be abandoned after it was nearly completely submerged under the Atlantic St. bridge on King Street. Shuttle busses have been called in to cover the suspended service between Finch and Wilson.

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Many pedestrians had to divert away from paths and underpasses such as Union Station and the Lower Simcoe underpass, that became over flooded with rainwater and sewage.

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Plus, many residents had to deal with the nightmare that is basement flooding.

According to the National Weather Service, 64 millimetres of rain fell at Billy Bishop Airport in just two hours. While most of the flooded public areas have returned to normal, it’s safe to say to say if you plan on going outside today, put on your rain boots.

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