Help Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham find his passport

He lost it while he was voting in Toronto's municipal election


A TTC driver has located Damian Abraham’s passport.

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Yesterday, municipal elections took place across Ontario and while being a good civilian, Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham somehow misplaced his passport.

The vocalist’s wife originally voiced their plea to find the passport in Bunz Trading Zone, which is an online bartering app that was created from a Facebook group. According to Exclaim!, the post indicated that Abraham was retracing his steps from the day, stating that “he leaves for tour in one week and we’d love to avoid the super $$ extra fast replacement fee.”

Here’s hoping Damian Abraham is reunited with his passport before he has to spend his hard earned cash on replacing his ID.

The whole scenario is pretty ‘Fucked Up’ if you ask us.