Watch Trailer for ‘Her’ Feat. Arcade Fire

The latest film by Spike Jonze features a score by Arcade Fire.

Trailers for Her, the latest film by Spike Jonze, have been bouncing around for a long time, but the latest one features Arcade Fire recording a score for the film. This trailer takes a look at what happens behind the scenes with narrative by Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson. Somewhere around the two minute mark you’ll see a jam session with Arcade Fire.

Here’s what Jonze had to say about the score:

“Win [Butler] and I started talking about the score about two years ago, and then it kinda seemed like the record sort of informed the soundtrack and the soundtrack informed the record a little bit, and there’s like a song on [Reflektor]—the last one, ‘Supersymmetry’—that he wrote for the movie.”

Watch the trailer below.