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Here Are 5 Of Toronto’s Most Unique Coffee Shops

Toronto is home to some pretty cool café’s to fit any mood you’re in. You want to relax and read a comic book? They got you. What about sitting by the fire while drinking a yummy latte? You’re covered. If you’ve yet to try a new spot for caffeine this year, let this push you to experience something new! Say goodbye to a basic cup of joe and say hello to your new favourite and unique coffee shops!


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Tokyo Smoke is perfect for all your coffee, kombucha and cannabis needs. Go to any of their 5 locations to grab a cortado along with some high-end smoking accessories. You can also use their website to pick up Tokyo Smoke merch or order your medical marijuana. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a relaxing day, Tokyo Smoke is here for any type of sesh you want.


Strange Love will make the perfect cup of coffee for you…literally. Pick whichever beans you want and they’ll make the coffee bevvy of your choice! If you’re looking for something to eat while you chug your brew, they got they cutest, french-style treats to choose from. You can even sneak some veggies in your diet and check when their Red Velvet Latte (made with beets and chocolate) returns to the menu!


Nothing says a relaxing day like drinking a hot coffee and reading a throwback comic. The Sidekick is the space for you to hang out, play games, and read any of their Trade Paperback & Single Issue comics. Head here to battle your friends in a gaming marathon, work on assignments, or have date night!


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Yes, that is coffee with cotton candy. Light Café has some seriously unique drinks ranging from vanilla ice cream coffee to tiramisu lattes. Their food also shouldn’t be ignored; they’re famous for their charcoal black sesame waffles and insane options for layer cakes. They also have a signature leaf-covered wall that, if you didn’t take a pic in front of it and post, it means you didn’t go. I don’t make the rules…


Who doesn’t want to make s’mores by the fire while cuddling up with some coffee? Hot Black Coffee has taken all your caffeinated favs and made them even better. Bring your friends or significant other here and get to know them more, because this place has no wifi. Shocking, I know, but a little social interaction will be good for you!

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