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Here are some of the affordable eats you can find at the CNE this year

This year, at The CNE’s Bandshell Park, visitors will be able to find affordable eats that all ring in under $6 (plus tax).

With a variety of global cuisines, homemade recipes, and other menu items, you’ll find “Under $6 in the Six” throughout the entire 18 days of the Canadian National Exhibition. With tasty treats like jerk chicken, tacos, fried cauliflower, homemade pasta and meatballs, and more, there is so much delicious and affordable food for you to enjoy at the Ex this year.

Check out some of the affordable eats below.
Under $6 in the Six:

Al Pastor Taco – Poquita Taqueria – $6
Baha Pollo Taco – Poquita Taqueria – $6
Build-A-Pasta – Little Italy – $6
Deep Fried Mars Bar – Summer’s Sweets – $6
Homemade Beef Patty – Jerk Shack – $4
Italian Sausage Hotdog – Dogfather – $6
Jerk Tofu Skewer – Jerk Shack – $5
Mini Arancini Rice Balls – Little Italy – 3 for $6
Soft Pretzel – Farmer’s Daughter – $4.50

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