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Here’s how a locally owned grocery delivery service adapted to COVID-19

Family owned business ASAP Foods & Supplies, which has been serving the local Toronto restaurant industry since 2011, has adapted to COVID-19 by coming together to use their resources in new ways in order to help service their community during these times. As a result, they created ASAP Foods Home Delivery.

This Indie88 feature is presented with ASAP Foods.

The business is serving as a local online grocery and supply delivery service during the spread of COVID-19 to offer emergency preparedness supplies and offer up unique ways to help flatten the curve. ASAP Foods Home Delivery is offering free delivery across the GTA, allowing for better protective practices, and encouraging citizens of the GTA to continue self-quarantining and social distancing.

“It is also a priority for us to help those at risk and in need,” ASAP Foods & Supplies explains. “Services like this can be instrumental in reaching out and supporting people who are already vulnerable, frail and at risk of serious medical complications from a lack of basic necessities when they have limited access, transportation, and finances during this pandemic.”

Operating under the recommendations from the Government of Canada, ASAP Foods continues sourcing their products through several local suppliers by working with other small businesses to help support the local economy. Additionally, their purchases are made daily to ensure they constantly have the freshest produce possible. “Having a quick transit time is important for us to maintain freshness and this is the advantage of us over a big box retailer,” ASAP Foods tells Indie88.

Since the start of lockdown, ASAP Foods has been adapting to the new COVID requirements, delivering to the residents of GTA, offering both curbside and doorstep delivery. This ensures there is no contact or face-to-face interactions with customers, and all workers are required to wear masks and gloves at all times while handling packages.

At first, ASAP Foods only offered non-perishable, dry food items and emergency preparedness supplies for immediate relief, but as the lockdown continued, they decided it was necessary to add fresh produce and other food options.

Additionally, as Ontario begins to transition into reopening the economy, ASAP Foods is encouraging Torontonians to take extreme precautions, and that’s why they’ve made cotton face masks and replaceable PM2.5 filters available on their website.

Stay safe and shop local whenever possible!


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