Here’s how Ticketmaster intends to check your vaccine status for concerts

Concert professionals hope for a 2021 return

Ticketmaster has been working on a plan for post-pandemic concertgoer safety, which will use smart phones to verify their vaccination status or confirm whether they’ve tested negative for COVID-19 within a 24 to 72 hour window, according to Billboard.

On Monday, news spread that a pharmaceutical company called Pfizer had early results on a new COVID-19 vaccine with a 90% efficacy rate. This seems to have given some concert professionals hope for a return in 2021.

The plan is still in development phase, but it’s set to rely on the Ticketmaster digital app, third party health information companies, and testing and vaccine distribution providers.

If approved, after purchasing a ticket for a concert, fans would need to verify that they have already been vaccinated, or test negative for COVID-19 approximately 24 to 72 hours before the show.

After getting a test, the concertgoer would instruct the lab to send the results to their health pass company, and if negative, or if they were vaccinated, the company would verify the fan’s COVID-19 status with Ticketmaster.

If a fan tested positive or did not take a test to verify their status, they would not be granted access to the event.

Ticketmaster would not store or have access to a fans’ medical records, and would only get verification that a fan is cleared to attend an event on a specific date.